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Inflatable spa

An inflatable spa is just like the permanent kind but with the added bonus of being completely portable. Set up your portable inflatable spa anywhere at home or at your holiday property or locale and enjoy the massage experience of multiple jets gently working the stress out of your muscles, promoting good circulation and generally just helping you feel good. Our range of inflatable spa baths are sourced from the world’s leading designers and manufacturers to ensure that we provide only the highest quality range of portable hot tubs in Australia. Shop online with Afterpay today for your very own outdoor spa that is quick and easy to install, efficient to run and easy to use, and so enjoyable you’ll wonder why you never thought of investing in your own slice of private heaven before.

What is the best inflatable spa?

As technology and design has continued to improve, so too has the durability and efficiency of the inflatable spa and our range of portable spa pools are amongst the cream of the crop. It wasn’t that long ago that any time anyone mentioned a portable swimming pool, the image conjured in your mind was of a tiny paddling pool in bright and interesting colours that toddlers absolutely love. A serious outdoor spa pool was considered to be an in-built design complete with complex wiring and permanent, dedicated space. If you were to sell your property in the future then the spa was an improvement that went with the property and you were left with no more spa. Recent strides in intelligent design and advanced energy efficient heating features have meant that the inflatable spa is just as serious as the permanent, in-built kind but at a fraction of the cost and at least twice the flexibility and convenience.

Our range of portable spas are sourced from the world’s leading designers and manufacturers to ensure that we’re only offering our customer the best inflatable spas to choose from. Shop for a 4 person spa that is perfect for intimate and romantic soaking or choose our 6 person spa designs built for sharing with friends. Invite everyone over to your house or holiday home with our 8 person spa range designed to comfortably house 8 adults. What better way to warm your new inflatable spa than by sharing your portable hot tub with the people who mean the most to you?

Choosing the best inflatable spa for you will depend on how many people you are expecting to use it and what kind of space you have earmarked at home for setting up your inflatable spa. Our range of inflatable hot tubs are available in all sizes and dimensions to ensure that whatever you’re shopping for, you can buy it online at Havana Spas. If you’re interested in setting up your own little swim spa on an apartment balcony then the available space that you have to play with will likely determine the kinds of spa sizes that you’re interested in purchasing. All of the full technical specifications for our complete range of options is available to view online and if you have any questions about any of products, please get in contact with our customer service team.

To ensure that you’ve got the basics in hand, we’ll take you through some of the standard features you’ll find across our range. We’ll start with the construction. An outdoor spa needs to be made from long-lasting and durable materials as well as rigid and reliable construction methods. Our range of inflatable spas are designed to be exactly that – long-lasting, durable and capable of withstanding years of regular use. Choose between rattan designs made for easy assembling and disassembling, as well as intuitive blow up designs which take just minutes to inflate.

Lowering energy consumption is great for the planet and for your bank account as the cost of household utilities always on the rise. Our range of inflatable spas and portable hot tubs come with intuitive eco-friendly spa accessories and construction designs like insulating spa covers which help to keep the heat in your water while you are out doing other things between long soaks. The Aegean range of portable spas are also designed with energy-saving foam walls which ensure not only maximum insulating properties and power but also offer you a more rigid wall design than inflatable types.

All of our inflatable spas and portable spas are equipped with smart control panels that are quick and easy to use. Your digital control panel helps you to choose the optimum soaking temperature with cooler temperatures being perfect for long, hot summer afternoons throughout Australia and warmer temperatures helping you to beat back the bite and chill of the winter months. Your spa accessories will also include a protective floor cover too, ensuring that you can set up your new inflatable spa anywhere you like without wondering what will happen to the surface beneath it. All of our available designs are made to be 100% waterproof, but you can add additional protections to things like your decking or your paved outdoor areas using the floor protector provider. This also means that when the winter really starts to bite, you can set your new inflatable spa up inside your home rather than using it purely for outdoor use only.

The jet system that comes with your inflatable spa is made up of multiple hydrotherapy jets that gently pummel you with warm water, helping you to release tension and increase and improve your body’s circulation while you soak. Improved circulation helps you regulate your own body temperature as well as ensuring that all of you remains alert and oxygenised. What better way is there at the end of the day then soaking away all of your worries and your cares?

One of those worries could be how hygienic your inflatable spa really is. Thanks to superior anti-bacterial designs and advanced in-built water filtration, you don’t have to worry about keeping your spa clean with chemical cleansers. Water is circulated throughout the 3 high-strength filter materials as well as antibacterial options and energy efficient design and then pumped back into your spa so you ensure freshly filtered water and less of hit to your energy bill every time you use your spa.

All of our inflatable spas and portable spas are made from only premium material which include anti-UV coating to maintain the colour and integrity of your spa. Multi-layering systems ensure that the interior of your spa maintains waterproofing and structural integrity using advanced drop stitch technology while the exterior of your inflatable spa is protected against UV rays and maintains its strong design throughout years of regular use.

Havana Spas is Australia’s trusted spa brand with our complete range of spa options available to view and purchase online. We also offer our customers Afterpay, Australia’s favourite buy now and pay later option that manageably splits the cost of your new affordable inflatable spa into 4 equal fortnightly payments. If you change your mind, that’s OK too. Take advantage of our 30 day money back guarantee and simply send us back your purchase in its original packaging.

Sold, yet? We thought so! Shop online for our range of inflatable spas today and buy yourself an affordable, portable spa you can set up at home or take anywhere with you.