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Are there any Restrictions on Inflatable Spas?

Posted by Navin Bista on

Inflatable spas are hot tubs filled with air. One of the distinct advantages of having one is moving them from place to place when not used. In other words, instead of fixing a tub permanently in a home, you can inflate and use this particular spa. At the end of the use, deflate and remove the water and the deflated spa.

However, the next important question is when buying a new inflatable spa, are there restrictions to consider? In other words, what are the essential factors that matter in choosing an inflatable spa? Below are some of the critical conditions of picking an inflatable spa from the store. By the way, there are quite a several stores that offer different kinds and various models of inflatable spas. As the user, you might accurately define what you want and know where to look to get it.

Some of the issues that relate to inflatable tubs may include safety cases and maintenance. For instance, what materials are the safest to use in the hot tub? How safe are the inflatable spas for kids? What is the best temperature to use the inflatable tub?

How safe are Inflatable Spas?

The use of inflatable spas come with some germs, actually a lot of germs that mix with the water. When anyone enters the hot tub, there is a mix of body fluids with germs inside the water. This sharing can cause a problem for the next user, especially if there is no thorough cleaning before the next person’s use.

In this case, from the one word ‘go,’ it becomes a problem to share your inflatable hot tub. It is more reason not to share bathtubs from some gyms and hotels, especially if you cannot trust their cleaning competence. On the other hand, if the person has a health issue, like an open sore or skin infection. Moreover, the inflatable hot tub is the perfect place to spread illnesses such as viruses, rashes, and injuries.

So what do you do? If it is in a public place like a hotel or gym, consult with the health expert to ensure the water is safe. Ask the cleaner to re-purify the water in case of any doubt. With that assurance, you get what you need. For a personal or private inflatable tub, please clean it up with the purification materials and make it safe again.

What is the perfect temperature for your Inflatable Spa?

The matter of temperature is another factor to consider when using an inflatable spa. Many people wonder what is the best temperature to have your hot bath in the inflatable spa. Another point is at what temperature is the inflatable still safe to use. Starting with the latter, the inflatable spa is the best fit for an optimum temperature of 400C. Nevertheless, already, that level is perhaps too hot for the human skin.

In most cases, bathing in the hot tub is enjoyable for a temperature between 37.80C and 38.90C. Within this range, bathing is more comfortable and healthier for the human body. Talking of the recommended temperature that is safest and healthiest, a higher temperature put undue stress on the cardiovascular tissues of the system.

Therefore, when preparing to sue the tub, ensure the temperature is safe for the bath. On the other hand, while in use, if you start to feel uneasy, then it is time to recheck the temperature to be sure it remains safe for a bath. Some of the indications for a recheck may include lightheadedness. Besides, before getting back into the tub, you may want to take a lot of water to cool down.

How safe are inflatable spas for children?

The first rule to remember on this note is that inflatable tubs are not for kids under the age of five. The manufacturer clearly states that no kid under five should ever be allowed into the tub. This advice is further enhanced by the respective standardization companies and health professionals.

If you will like to know why children below this age limit still have susceptible skin. Thereby, the hot water of the bathtub will hurt and most likely burn their skins. An adult’s body can even thrive safely at the average temperature but not recommended for kids. Therefore, no matter how much you love your little children, having them in a hot bathtub is a big ‘No.’

Apart from the skin irritation and burn, children under the age of five can easily get overheated. And this heat can cause harm to their internal environment. There are cases of young children who become dizzy or utterly convulse on exposure to a lot of sunlight. Other reactions may include heat stroke, vomiting, becoming unconscious amidst others. So, as a responsible parent, you do not want to expose your children to such conditions under any pretense.

What of Kids over the age of five?

After the restriction on inflatable bathtubs by children under the age of five, what about older ones? Children above that age should still have some basic rules that guide their use of hot bathtubs. For instance, the child must be tall enough to stand in the water with the head and perhaps the shoulders high above the water. In addition to the height, some other factors must be in place.

Children should not use the hot tubs without supervision. In other words, an adult should be there to guide and watch over them. Moreover, please, do not count on the children’s ability to swim. Insist on flotation aids, even with your presence. Another safety measure a parent can put in place is to use a lockable hot tub cover to restrict children from using it independently. Furthermore, note that children between the age of 5 and 11 should use the hot tub for not more than five minutes.


In conclusion, the use of inflatable spas come with some restrictions that users should consider. When setting up the inflatable spa for help, these conditions make it remain safe for use to maintain a healthy lifestyle.