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Best Avenli Inflatable Spa

Posted by Navin Bista on

Avenli inflatable spas are seater hot tubs that offer the relaxation and calmness of a fixed hot tub but with more flexibility. These inflatable hot tubs can be set up in only 15 minutes, which means portability is one of its key features.

You can pop it in the car and take it with you on a weekend getaway. Besides, one can take it out to friends and family for any outing or picnic. Furthermore, the highlights of the Avenli 4-seater hot tub include 120 Airjets, which is another exceptional quality. It has a rapid heating system through a modern dual heater of up to 42°C (107°F).

Avenli features an integrated digital control panel, which makes it much easier to choose your preferred temperature. Therefore, one can activate the massage feature for that authentic hot tub Jacuzzi experience. Its storage space is included to store the filter cartridges, cover, hose, and spare parts. Avenli Inflatable Spa full set includes:

  • An Inflatable Spa Pool
  • 1 x Pool Cover
  • 1 x Protective Ground Sheet
  • 1 x Pump Unit and RCD Plug
  • 2 x Filter Cartridge
  • 1 x Inflation Hose
  • 3 x Pump Unit Connectors
  • 1 x Repair Kit
  • 1 x Instruction manual

Why Choose Avenli?

Avenli inflatable spa is comfortable, smooth for use, quick, and easy to assemble in no time. It has a portable luxury, not only for private use but also for also family adventures. Conversely, it is more than just a hot tub. Avenli does not take much time to assemble or disassemble, or even fixing takes simple tools. Apart from the rapid heating system, it has other attractive and modern technology features.

Avenli Inflatable Spa Products

The two major categories of the Avenli inflatable spa products include:

A. The Swift Current Series

B. The Avenli Rotorua Spa Series

A. Swift Current Series produces a maximum temperature of up to 42°C/108° Besides, the full functionality of this spa ensures up to 50% more energy efficiency above the average. It also has an additional water filter cartridge that ensures the water is clean and safe at all times. It has a waterproof PCB, which ensures that no wetness remains on the body of the spa. If you acquire any of the models in the Swift Current Series, there is no need to inflate it. However, the swift current series has two unique models:

       1. 17621EU/17621US

    It has a seating capacity for six full-grown people. Its power rating for the EU is between 220 and 240V with a frequency of 50 Hz. The maximum power consumption in the spa is also about 2040 watts. Its heating rate is 2-3°C per hour for the EU, with a system flow rate of 530 gallons [about 2006 liters]. The inbuilt massage bubble power is 650 Watts, and it has an outer diameter of 193 cm coupled with a height of 70 cm. It has bubble jet holes at the bottom of up to 90 pieces and the vertical elements.

           2. 1769IEU/1769IUS

      This model has a seating capacity for up to six adults. Its power rating for the US is within 110 to 120V at 60 Hz frequency. Besides, the optimum power consumption when the spa is in full use is about 1380W. The heating rate is 1.5 -2.5°C per hour in the US. Outer diameter is 184x73cm (72.4x28.7) while its inner diameter is 160x73cm(63x28.7). Its bubble jet holes are bottom 100pcs+ vertical 20pcs. The packing volume or quantity is about 0.201 cbm per set. Besides, its optional accessories are a 12V LED strip

       B. Avenli Rotorua Spa Series this category also comprises of outstanding models with exceptional qualities. Generally, Avenli Rotorua Spa Series has a power rating of about 220-240V, at 50 Hz frequency. Power usage at the maximum level is about 1540Watts. Its heating rate is EU: 1.5-2.50C/hour| US: 1-20C/hour.

      Avenli Rotorua Series has a system flow rate of 530 gallons (2006 liters)/H with a message bubble power of the EU to 650 Watts. On the other hand, in the US, the power consumption is 570 Watts. Furthermore, the classification consists of three major models with distinguishing factors; thus:

             1. 17602EU/17602US

        This inflatable spa model has a seating capacity for up to 4 people and thus suitable for small families. Its outer diameter is 175 cm, while the height is about 70cm (this is equivalent to 68.9 inches by 27.6 inches). Besides, its inner diameter is about 130 cm by 70 cm as the height. Furthermore, it has bubble jet holes of up to 120 units and a box size of 24.8 inches x 22.2 inches x 22.2 inches). The packing volume or quantity for this model is about 0.201 cbm per set or ctn having a loading quantity of 336.

               2. 17610EU/17610US

          The 17610EU/17610US model has a seating capacity for six adults. Its outer diameter is 204 cm by 70 cm in height (80.3 inches x 27.6 inches), while the inner diameter is 160 cm x 70 cm (63 inches x 27.6 inches). The loaded bubble jet holes reach up to 140 units while the box size is 26.8 inches x 24.8 inches x 22.2 inches. Besides, packing volume/quantity is about 0.244cbm/1set/ctn. Its loading quantity is about 272.

                 3. 17609EU/17609US

            This model has a seating capacity for up to four people. Its outer diameter is 168 x 168 x 70 cm (66.1” x 66.1” x 27.6”) while the inner diameter is about 125 x 125 x 70 cm (49.2” x 49.2” x 22.2”). Whereas, the bubble jet holes is up to 110 units, with a box size of 63 x 56.5 x 56.5 cm (24.8” x 22.2” x 22.2”). It has a packing volume or quantity of 0.201 cbm/1set/ctn with a loading quantity of 336.

            Which Is The Best Avenli Inflatable Spa?

            Giving the details above, depending on the needs of the buyer, any of the products above can serve well. For instance, if the buyer has a large family of up to 6 adults, then the 17610EU/US product model will perform best. Unlike this model, the other two models in the Rotorua Spa Series can still hold four adults if that best fits the need. In conclusion, the best Avenli inflatable Spa will be a choice from either of the two main categories.