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How do inflatable spas work?

Posted by Navin Bista on

With the growth in its popularity, inflatable spas have become a must-have for many people. You probably saw one in your neighbour’s backyard and decided that you wanted one too, but there is a catch, you do not have the faintest idea of how inflatable spas works.
It very important for a first-time user or newbie to adequately understand how inflatable spas function and how they can be properly managed and maintained.


An inflatable spa is a type of spa that users blow up with air. These spas are quite smaller than built-in spas, largely inexpensive, easy to set up, and extremely relaxing. They come with a heater that is used for heating the water and a pump for water circulation.
As a customer who wants to get one for yourself, you would face multiple decisions, such as deciding which brand to purchase from a large variety of options available to you. There's also the challenge of figuring out the size you that is best for you and knowing what apparatus and equipment you would need for your spa.
The compact nature of the inflatable spa makes it easy to set-up, clean, and drain. Users find it effortless to move from one location to another. To better know how an inflatable spa works, you would have to understand the following factors;

Requirements for Use

There are certain requirements that you need to know before using your inflatable spa. It will be advisable you adhere to them to increase the lifespan of your spa.

  • Always use the recommended amount of power supply so that your inflatable spa would not malfunction.
  • Find the right surface for your inflatable spa, preferably a smooth and even surface on the floor.
  • Once you have gotten a place to mount your inflatable spa, next, you need to inflate your spa and fill it with the required amount of water, making sure you do not exceed the water capacity.
  • If you want to place your inflatable spa on other surfaces, make sure the surface is even and very strong to hold the water's weight and the people in it.
  • When you are done with your spa, you need to make sure it is totally dry before packing it for storage or moving to another location. 

The importance of finding the right place for your spa cannot be overemphasized; some general foundations that are suitable include crushed gravel, grass, and concrete pads.

Apparatus Needed

An inflatable spa comes with a heater for heating the water and a pump for water circulation.

  • The pump is a basic piece of equipment needed to inflate the spa and keep it inflated.
  • Having a filter is another important apparatus needed for your inflatable spa. With your inflatable spa in the garden, there would be constant debris entering the spa, and having a sound filtration system is highly recommended to help filter out the dirt. Filters can always be replaced as often as needed.
  • There are other equipment needed for your spa but are meant for other functions, such as cleaning and draining the spa. You would have to get the types of equipment needed to carry out those processes. Some include hose, drying towels, garden hose valves, etc.

Your inflatable spa needs to be drained and cleaned regularly to increase its durability and make sure the water is healthy to sit in and relax. Ensure your cleaning materials are readily available.

The Size of Your Inflatable Spa

As mentioned earlier in this post, one challenge that comes with owning an inflatable spa is deciding what size to get. Some factors need to be considered before deciding on what size of spa you should purchase.

  • Smaller sizes inflatable spas are ideal for single individuals or couples. They generally are meant for a limited amount of individuals. The prices of such spas are pretty low and are easy to set-up due to its smaller size.
  • Larger size inflatable spas can comfortably accommodate a higher number of individuals, like 4-6 people, and the bigger inflatable spa price is more than, the smaller size.
  • Smaller inflatable spas heat up faster compared to larger ones. With a reduced amount of water, the pump gets to regulate faster, and the heats up quicker.
  • Larger inflatable spas, on the other hand, take slightly more time to heat up due to their large sizes. They also take up larger spaces, unlike the small-sized spas.

When getting one, you want to consider the number of users and the available space to mount it. The summation of your inflatable spa's size is to decide on what size is right for you.

We highly recommend Havana inflatable Spas; they come in three distinctive sizes, small for 2-4 people, medium for 3-5 people, and large for 4-6 people. They are also affordable, easy to set-up, and aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

Made with premium quality materials, Havana Spas use a multi-layer system that gives the spa a classy feel and amazing look. The outside layer of the spa comes with an Anti-UV coating that would ensure your spa looks new for many years to come. Havana Spas are long-lasting and highly durable.


Having Inflatable spas is an awesome, relaxing way to unwind, but it should be used properly and managed well. Go for proven brands like Havana Spas to be confident of your purchase and be rest assured that your spa would be long-serving and highly durable.

It also advisable you make use of a waterproof socket when using your inflatable spa outside. Being safe should be your priority while making use of your spa.

If you wish to dispose of your spa system after a long, happy service period, you can always choose to recycle, thereby helping the environment. Call your local trash service for more information on the process.

The working of an inflatable spa is easy and seamless. Follow the usage guidelines above to ensure your spa is used correctly to help deliver the best results.