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How to Drain an Inflatable Spa?

Posted by Navin Bista on

Inflatable spas have their unique features, which are advantages over the conventional spas. Besides, they come with such exceptional luxury for an unforgettable experience. You practically will not wish for a better way to relax either alone or with friends outside after using an inflatable spa. Another tremendous benefit of inflatable spas includes its adjustable temperature to suit both the summer and winter seasons.
However, a famous African adage says, “If you know how to eat the fruit, you must learn how to remove the seeds.” In other words, the use of inflatable spas comes with such responsibilities as emptying and cleaning as and when due. Users also need to know the best signs to watch out for, that will indicate it is time for cleaning. What are the indicators to show it is time to empty the tub and change the water?

Indicators that show it is time to empty the Inflatable Spa

  1. Time: Time is a common factor in determining if the water inside the spa is up for a change. Generally, when the bathtub water has spent more than two months, it is time to mix in some chemicals. That process is the easy part. The temptation comes when you do not think it is dirty enough yet. Note that the longer the water stays, the more germs it likely contains. As a result, time is perhaps the most crucial factor in determining changing spa water.
  2. Cloudy water: When the water in the spa becomes turbid or muddy, it is a sign to change it. However, before emptying, try to add the dose of cleaning chemicals such as chlorine and some coagulants. However, if any of the substances are not effective enough in restoring the clarity of the water, then it is time to change it.
  3. Water odor: Similar to the water cloudiness is the fact that the water inside the spa can become smelly. Whenever the spa water begins to smell, it means nothing more than it is time to change the water. Foul-smelling water always indicates that it is no longer pure, and pure water may not be hygienic for bathing as well. You may also start by adding some disinfecting chemicals to help restore it. Nevertheless, it does not work, and then the next thing is to change the water altogether.
  4. Foam: Another evidence that it is time to change the spa water is the appearance of foam on the water surface. However, solving this problem is simple: add a form remover or de-foamer to remove the foam. If you notice that the remover did not work, then you may start to consider emptying the inflatable spa and refilling it afresh.
  5. Test your water: This method is a scientific way of determining the right time to change your inflatable spa water. In theory, the more total dissolved solids (TDS) in the water, the more likely you need to change the water. The step involves getting TDS test strips to measure the number of dissolved solids in the water. If the result shows any measurement above 1500 parts per million (ppm), then it is time to change the water.

How to drain an Inflatable Spa

Depending on the design and the specifications of the spa, maintenance may differ among the models. Whereas there are also general maintenance procedures on draining an inflatable spa with an electric component. The following steps are generally acceptable to drain the spa:

  1. Disconnect the inflatable spa from the electric power source
  2. Remove the advanced filter system housing of the inflatable spa
  3. Cover the debris screen with the stop caps through the pipes of the inflatable spa
  4. Remove the pump unit from the spa itself
  5. Connect the lower water pipe of the spa to the hose adapter. You will find this water pipe on the outer part of the inflatable spa. When connecting the hose to it, ensure the other end leads to the drain off area. Consecutively, because the water contains chemicals, keep the outflow from plants, flowers, or other living organisms
  6. Uncap the lower part of the valve to let water flow freely out of the spa
  7. After emptying the spa, endeavor to scrub the inside parts of the spa gently to remove settled particles and chemical residues. Remember to clean the undersides of the cover lids and other accessories where the water is in use
  8. Wash off the spa with clean water while allowing the water to run off. Avoid using soaps and detergents in cleaning bathtubs. Instead, make use of water purifiers and rinse thoroughly before refilling with clean water.
  9. When you are satisfied with the spa cleaning, remove all external hoses, and close the valves. Then, pump in fresh water into the inflatable valve and add the necessary chemicals for a freshwater bath.
  10. Put back the lids and re-heat the water through the double-heater component to the desired temperature

How to Maintain the Water inside your Inflatable Spa for more extended periods

During the inflatable spa, specific procedures can help the water stay longer than the usual. A clean water bathtub contributes to the health of the user.

  1. Cover the spa at all times: You must keep the inflatable spas covered at all times. In other words, you should get the inflatable bed coverlid to protect the water from external contamination.
  2. Let all users take a shower before entering the spa: you can make it a rule that before anyone enters the spa, the person should first take a shower. This step helps to reduce the entry of contaminants into the water.
  3. Replace the water filter: the water filter does the dirty job of stopping contaminants from entering the spa. Therefore, this component is usually clogged by all kinds of dirt. Thus, a maintenance habit will be replacing the water filters.
  4. Clean the pipes and hoses: the water channels such as the pipes and hoses should also be clean at all times. Whether connected or disconnected, the water channels should be free from germs and dirt.
  5. Check all electrical components: due to the electrical components of the inflatable spa and the possibility of shock. Ensure there is no leak or overlap anywhere that could cause harm.


In conclusion, maintaining your inflatable spas is just an excellent skill you must take. Simultaneously, the crucial step in this process includes replacing the water as often as possible. This procedure is not only recommended by the manufacturer; it is also essential to maintain sound health.