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What is the Best Inflatable Spa?

Posted by Navin Bista on

Despite having the summer season very much active, the inflatable spa is not limited by the seasonal changes. For instance, adjusting the temperature of the water inside the spa is a tremendous advantage. At the same time, some of the products have specific qualities that make them unique. Your needs will determine the type of inflatable spa you should buy. In other words, one inflatable spa is usually different from another under many properties. 

For instance, the size of the inflatable spa includes the width and height, and the volume of water each can hold. Other items to consider are the number of people that can use it, the power specifications, and the fabric materials and other properties. At the same time, some of the products have been built with tremendous strength and durability. Below are some of the most outstanding inflatable spas to choose from:

1. Havana Victory Inflatable Spa

Sitting on top of the best inflatable spas is the Havana Victory Inflatable Spa, most prominent, especially in Australia. This product is perfect for the summer season, having made from premium materials sewn in drop stitch lining to improve durability. Both the top cover and the floor has insulators as the protective layers. Besides, it has an anti-bacterial spa filtration component to keep the water clean.

The power components support a voltage of 220-240 with a maximum power consumption of 2040 watts. It can hold a volume up to 940 liters of water and retain it through 90 bubble jet holes. Besides, three to five people can sit comfortably in this inflatable spa and enjoy the pleasure of a hot water bathtub. Similarly, in the buildup, it has a rigid structure, irrespective of the out layer coating of an anti-UV material.

This relaxation bathtub is still selling very fast right now for a token as low as AUD 995.95. As a payment option, buyers can pay in four installments interest-free payments of $248 each time, fortnightly. Payment is 100% secure through Norton, McAfee, and other online security components.

2. The Coleman SaluSpa Hot Tub

Coleman SaluSpa has a width of 71 inches and a height of 26 inches. Therefore, it can take up to four persons, which is still about the average size. This product is also puncture-resistant, having an external inflation pump, a smooth cover, and 120 bubble jets. It also has an advanced digital control panel with impressive technology to produce the desired temperature.

This luxurious home-spa is available at a very affordable price. Besides, in setting up this product, you do not need a specialized tool – set up is as simple as ABC. In terms of transportation, the spa has a lift handle that is strong enough to move. On the other hand, it is relatively easy to inflate and deflate this product effortlessly and at will. This product goes for as low as $765 and is available on Amazon as well as Walmart.

Similar to this particular inflatable spa model, there are other similar products from the Coleman model. Some alternatives include the Miami AirJet, Hawaii AirJet, and others, some of which can take up to six people at once. This relaxation device supports a temperature between 68 and 1040C. It can also take up to 192 gallons of water at once.

3. Bestway SaluSpa Helsinki AirJet Inflatable Hot Tub

The Bestway model of inflatable spa demands slightly more money to acquire. If you need a large bathtub that can take up to seven people, then this is your best bet. This inflatable spa gives an extraordinary level of comfort with firm materials that are also puncture resistant. The SaluSpa supports a temperature of up to 1040F and possesses up to 81 massaging system jets for optimum satisfaction.

With the inbuilt inflation pump for water supply, it also combines an efficient water filter and double heating technology. Both the floor and the lid have insulators that protect it against shock. Notably, the cover has an aluminum coating that maintains the warm temperature of the water. In comparison, other peculiar features of this spa include a repair kit and a backup hand pump if the main inflation pump fails.

This machine also has a ChemConnect dispenser, which is most effective in keeping the water, not only clean but also chemically balanced. Amazingly, on first sighting this product, the external coating appears to be made of wood, mimicking an Asian culture of typical Jacuzzi. You can acquire this product at a price of about $1,885 on Walmart.

4. Intex PureSpa Portable Bubble Jet

The Intex products are well known for their unique designs, durability, and exceptional strength. For a spa that can accommodate up to four people, the width of the tub is up to 77 inches while it is 28 inches high. The body consists of three different layers that form a puncture-resistant material made of technologically woven fiber. Besides, it has two contoured headrests and up to 140 powerful bubble jets.

One other feature that makes this particular spa unique is the LED lights that change color during nighttime baths. Users can also explore the high-tech control panel together with the other features for the best experience. In terms of portability, this inflatable spa requires low maintenance and remains effective in filtering water to stay clean. Different varieties of this product can take up to six people with unique model numbers. Furthermore, the product is available on Amazon for a price of $885.


In conclusion, all these recommended inflatable spas have unique features, ranging from physical fitness to Dual Heating System (DHS). The price ranges but so also does the volume and the number of people they can accommodate. Therefore, as a buyer, you have the free will to choose the best spa that fits your personal and family needs. They also have top-notch modern facilities, including hydroelectric separation structure (HES) in a safe environment. It is time to take your chance on any of the desired inflatable spas given above.