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Where to Buy an Inflatable Spa?

Posted by Navin Bista on

The use of inflatable spas is gradually becoming more prominent than the conventional types. With the inflatable hot bathtubs and similar resources, you can enjoy a healthier life without erecting permanent features. Besides, the bathtub is exceptionally significant for picnics, holidays, or other outdoor uses.
Some people fear that these facilities may not be as safe as permanent spas. Nevertheless, this assumption cannot be farther from the truth. Inflatable tubs for the spa are great ways to experience the convenience of a hot water bath and stay healthy. This article will focus on the best place where you can get the top inflatable spa products.
The products have exceptional features that give a good return of great value for the spent money. One outstanding benefit of buying from the recommended store is the flexibility of payment. Also, you get your products delivered to your doorstep. The inflatable spas are entirely portable, too, and can enhance your chances of removing when not in use and reusing at other times.
Besides, in this impressive summer season, inflatable spas can come in handy for kids to remain healthy. Similarly, inflatable spas can be the right environment to teach your children how to swim. However, kids under the age of five should not be in the hot bathtub. Also, kids between the age of 5 and 11 must be on close monitoring while they should not stay too long in hot water. The inflatable bathtub also removes the risk of drowning for kids.
Inflatable bathtubs come with substantial barriers and lockable covers to restrict movement. Some of the recommended inflatable bathtubs are available at Havana Spas. Havana Spas is the most trusted spa brand in Australia, with thousands of spa sales worldwide. You can get amazing inflatable spas, inflatable paddleboards, and other useful accessories in the store.

Why should you buy Inflatable Spas from Havana Spas?

The spas from Havana are built with a comprehensive water treatment system to maintain a clean and safe environment. In its main feature, which is to provide a unique massage experience, this product delivers top-notch utility. With these products, there is practically no need to worry anymore, but to sit back, relax, and enjoy the inflatable bathtub. With the products, installation is as easy as ABC, while the interface commands a user-friendly experience.
Havana Spas use the Dual Heating System (DHS), which is a unique feature for relaxation. The double heating system supports a pump with a Positive Temperature Coefficient (PTC) and a Hydroelectric Separation Structure (HES). These features re-pumps water the double-heated water back into the spa. Using this system, there is an assurance of rapid heating while maintaining stable temperature control.
Furthermore, with our products, be assured of a secure payment platform. The payment protection is by McAfee, Norton security, Truste, and Shopify. Our payment platforms also give buyers the choices that include Visa card, MasterCard, American Express, PayPal, and Discover. When you purchase an option of these products from our platform, you enjoy a 12-month warranty.

Top 3 Inflatable Spas from Havana Spas

Below are some of the outstanding products of the store with their qualities and specifications: 

  1. The Victory Spa
    The Victory Spa can accommodate five to six different people comfortably using modern technology for stitch lining. This feature improves the ease of use and the durability of the product for extensive use. It is your perfect choice of a spa during the summer with its special digital control panel for various temperature modes.
    Similarly, Victory spa comprises of 120 different surrounding jets. Besides, it has an insulating top cover and a floor protector to guide against electric shock. A unique feature for this product will also be an anti-bacterial filtration system, which is an excellent feature for shared spas. This product goes for AUD 995.95 in a one-time payment or four interest-free installments of AUD 248.99 each, fortnightly.
  2. The Milan Spa
    Milan Spa offers a thoroughly heated system with easy setup installation and use. This product contains 110 surrounding jets for control ease through a digital control panel. The control panel also enhances easy temperature changes to keep a check on the safety. Besides, this product has a premium drop stitch lining that enhances its durability. Also, it has an anti-bacterial spa filtration system that keeps the water healthy for use at all times.
    We can ship this product to anywhere in Australia while we assure you of a 12-month warranty period. The Milan Spa can hold between two and four seats at a time and costs $899.99. This might be the product for you, especially with a small family of not more than four people. It supports a voltage range between 220 and 240 volts with a frequency of 50Hz. The maximum volume of water in this spa is about 800 liters while it is 70 cm high.
  3. The Aegean Spa
    The Aegean Spa is perhaps the largest of the top three products on display at Havana. It can house up to six people at once and is a perfect choice for summer seasons. Aegean spa has a thoroughly heated system with up to 90 surrounding jets. It is effortless to install and gives an excellent user experience through the Aegean Spa. The foam wall construction maximizes an energy-saving property to retain strength and durability.
    The body design is made of a rattan design that makes it cute to assemble the other components. It also maintains a perfect addition to outdoor use such as gardens, picnics, holiday homes, and vacation. The protective measures include an insulating top cover and a floor protector for added safety. Payment channels are 100% secure, and purchasing this product gives a 12-month warranty.


The Victory, Mila, and Aegean Spas are the top products for a good value for the investment is suitable Havana products. Havana spas, including supporting materials, all have advanced designs for water treatment and installation. They also combine three different high-strength filter materials to ensure users get the best possible experience.