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Why is Avenli better than BestWay Inflatable Spas?

Posted by Navin Bista on

Avenli and BestWay Inflatable spas represent two excellent spa products with not only impressive designs but also high comfortability. Moreover, Avenli products are from Asia, where the technology of spa as health products are more profound. BestWay products are from the UK and have their qualities, suitable for the prevalent conditions.

On the other hand, the BestWay products include the Milan and Hawaii AirJet systems. These products come with safety clips, two filter cartridges, a repair kit, and an inbuilt air pump. It also uses the ChemConnect dispenser that releases clean and safe water. However, here is the big part: a top product of the BestWay product series can be controlled from the BestWay Smart Hub app.

Outstanding features of the Avenli Inflatable Spa

There are excellent reasons why a buyer should consider Avenli products above the BestWay Inflatable spas. For instance, the Avenli Swift Current Series creates a unique micro-environment for users with an exceptional energy-conservation feature.

The environmental-friendly nature means that it can be a perfect choice during winter or other extreme weather conditions. Users can also enjoy the pleasure of different accessories that come with the products and includes a guide for the setting up. 

1. Comfortability

The Avenli inflatable Spa models come in different shapes and volumes. Nevertheless, all the qualities are towards the end of improving the comfort that the users derive. Besides, the spas give optimum comfort to all users while maintaining an adjustable temperature up to the safest limits. Both the internal and the external materials support giving the spa 100% comfort for users.

2. Portable luxury

Avenli spas with the modern inflatable build are portable and can work for most outdoor events without building permanent structures. For instance, in the winter, a family may want to enjoy exceptional warmth within the house in unique places. The portability allows you to move the inflatable spa around while maintaining the same durability and strength.

3. Easy setup and fix

Setting up the inflatable spa is also as simple as ABC. Since there is an excellent external pump, it is easy to pump up the spa and fill it up with water. Besides the pump, it also has a double heating component for achieving the required temperature in no time. Although the spa has puncture-resistant material, any case of necessary fix does not need a sophisticated tool.

4. Wellness

One of the basic features of an inflatable spa is to promote better health. That is why most hotels and outdoor picnics plan the comfort of a spa in health recovery. Besides, in the Asian culture, Jacuzzi or spa is an integral tool in health recovery. Consequently, Avenli products enhance the wellness of users through perfect materials. As proof, the inflatable spas are not only approved by-product standardization bodies but also by health professionals.

5. Other exceptional features

Apart from the mentioned features above, Avenli inflatable spas show outstanding user-friendliness through modern control panel features. They also have multiple bubbles, filtering, and double heating. Besides, some spa models have a durable, heavy-duty PVC inner lamination for added strength and toughness. With LED lights, there is no fear of using any of these products at night. It will instead add color to the beauty and the enjoyment of the user.

Exceptional Features of the BestWay Inflatable Spas

1. Pump design

The BestWay inflatable spa has a unique pump design that is suitable for the outdoor application. Its pump system is different from the others in that it has an adequate cover and supply structure. Besides, the use of this product ensures that the inflow and outflow of the water content are easy and smooth. It also has a compact design in a way that can hold cups and bottles. Within the pump, the user can also select the desired temperature to a maximum level of 400C.

2. Freeze Shield Technology

The modern freeze shield technology of this product creates an outstanding quality, which prevents water from freezing. In other words, with this technology, you can maintain a hot tub all through the year irrespective of the ambient air and pressure. Users can enjoy the maximum pleasure of spa with state-of-the-art technology.

3. EnergySense Insulated Liner

The function of the EnergySense Insulated Liner is to ensure that the spa does not lose heat due to convection. Each of the inner lining and the lid can have up to 40% more energy efficiency to support the models. However, this feature is peculiar to the Barbados model, along with the DuraPlus outer covering to enhance the durability of the inflatable spa.

4. AirJet Massage System

Having a multiple AirJet Massage System, this inflatable spa provides optimum efficiency and pleasure to the user. Just at the touch of a button, users can activate the massage system to add more happiness to the user. This system produces soothing relief across the user’s entire body. Conversely, this technology can be useful after a hectic day at work.

5. A remotely controlled system through Wi-Fi

The inflatable spas in this category model have remote control through the Wi-Fi and mobile apps. Here is another feature that is peculiar to the Barbados series of the BestWay models. In other words, while inside the bathtub, the user can control every aspect of the inflatable tub. Users are also free to change the temperature to the desired level or activate the massage system with the timer. The BestWay app is available on the Android and Apple devices through their respective play stores.


In conclusion, having listed the features of the Avenli and the BestWay models, the choice lies with the user. However, we recommend you consider the Avenli products above the preferences of all the BestWay inflatable spas. Furthermore, the qualities may vary, but the needs of the buyer may be the most crucial factor in choosing the most suitable inflatable spa product. Perhaps, the price is another factor that is worth considering.