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4 person spa

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4 Person Spa

If you’re looking for a way to beat away the winter blues and cool off with style during the summer months, then you can’t go past a neat and versatile little unit like a 4 person spa. Our range of 4 person inflatable spas have been sourced from world leading designers and manufacturers to ensure that our portable spas are of the highest possible quality. A 4 person spa is the perfect size for an intimate setting for two people or for sharing with the kids or close friends. You still get plenty of room as well as the unique and thoroughly enjoyable massage experience that only jet systems really offer you. Jet massages promote circulation throughout the body while gently easing the stress and tension from tired and sore muscles. Relaxing into your own outdoor spa is the only way to really relax and at our affordable prices, everyone can now get their very own small outdoor spa.

How much water does a 4 person spa hold?

The 4 person spa dimensions for our range of premium designs are made for holding a water capacity of 800L. The interior diameter of your 4 person spa is 135cm while the exterior diameter is 145cm. This makes them the perfect size for installing on apartment balconies, in small courtyards as well as keeping them discrete in larger yards or outdoor settings. They come equipped with a range of spa accessories which include a floor protector ideal for ensuring that whatever surface you choose to install your new portable spa on will be completely protected by both the floor cover and the 100% waterproof stitching. When the winter really begins to bite, choose a space inside your home for setting up your new inflatable hot tub.

Other standard accessories also include a spa cover. A spa lid helps your spa bath to retain the heat more easily, ensuring that when you hop out between soaks, the water temperature within remains as constant as possible helping to reduce both your carbon footprint and your energy costs.

How much does a 4 person outdoor spa cost? 

Not only is our range of hot tubs and spas much more affordable than installing a permanent jacuzzi outdoors, it’s also a lot more versatile. If you have been dreaming of your own fully heated outdoor spa pool then you have probably done just enough research to realise that even a small and conservative set up will cost you in the region of about $6,000. Remember, that when you choose to install a permanent hot tup outside then that’s where it’s going to stay. If you were to sell your house within a few years, you could be looking at your new hot tub costing you in the region of about $2,000 per year. Shopping online at Havana Spas will see you comfortably purchase your very own 4 person spa that is completely portable for less than half that yearly cost alone.

We are also very proud to offer our customers access to Australia’s favourite buy now and pay later option, Afterpay. Afterpay works by splitting the cost of your purchase into 4 equal fortnightly payments. You get your new spa shipped directly to you but get to take 8 weeks to pay off the cost. What could possibly be more affordable than that?

And it’s not just 4 person spa options that we have, either. Choose from our range of spa sizes available in 6 person spas and even as large as 8 person spas.

How often should you change the water in a 4 person inflatable spa?

Our range of 4 person spas and larger portable spa pools are all equipped with intelligent antibacterial options and a 3 way filtering system. This means that water is pumped through 3 separate purifying filters and then rapidly doubled heated before being pumped back into your spa tub. The unique Dual Heating System (DHS) means that your spa temperature reaches your designed heat in next to no time while the water is filtered and heated using a Positive Temperature Coefficient (PTC) and Hydroelectric Separation Structure (HES). This provides you with stable temperature control that you can set from the user friendly digital control panel.

The jets available include up to 120 multiple jets, depending on the design that you’re looking for. These jets provide a steady and relaxing rhythm of water gently pummelling the stress of your day away while you gently soak and relax. A spa bath outdoors offers you the opportunity to melt away your daily worries under a brilliant canopy of stars or enjoy the lazy afternoons in utter delight.

Order online today for an easy setup 4 person spa that you can take anywhere you like, whether that’s another location around your home or even on holiday with you. Enjoy rapid heating and easy temperature control as well as a money back policy if you change your mind. Our refund policy is available for 30 days after your purchase and includes your refunded purchase price minus the cost of shipping and a 20% restocking fee.

Eager to discover why your own 4 person spa is your personal slice of affordable heaven? Order today from Havana Spas, Australia’s trust spa brand.