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6 Person Spa

We are Australia’s trusted spa brand offering customers a range of premium quality portable spas and inflatable spas available in 4 person spa sizes, 6 person spas and even as large as 8 person spas. The spa bath experience is a signature experience enjoyed by millions around the world. When you relax into an outdoor jacuzzi, you’re relaxing into a warm body of water that gently massages you while you soak. Being outdoors you get the best of both worlds - romantic or invigorating vistas and the ability to enjoy them as cool as a cucumber or as warm as toast. The portable spa means that you can enjoy all of the perks and benefits at a fraction of the price of a traditional spa bath and with the added flexibility of being able to take it anywhere that you like. That could mean relocating around your home or it could mean taking it on holiday with you, wherever you go.

Our range of inflatable hot tubs and portable spa baths have been sourced from the world’s best designers and manufacturers to ensure that we offer our customer access to the very best options available. All of our portable spa baths are built to extremely stringent standards offering you reliable durability, high quality looks and energy efficient technology that helps to minimise your carbon footprint and save you a bundle on your energy costs.

Nothing feels quite like the unique massage experience that multiple jets can offer you. Jets help to promote circulation throughout the body as well as gently melt away all the stress, cares and worries of your day. 

How long will a 6 person spa last?

All of our portable spas and inflatable spas are built to last. Unlike other inflatable spa brands you might have come across, we choose designs which use a multi-layering system that not only offer you a premium look and feel but also maintains structural rigidity and integrity. The outer layer of our 6 person spa comprises an anti-UV coating designed to protect the exterior lining from the harsh summer sun in Australia. This helps to ensure that your 6 person spa looks brand spanking new for years. The interior lining used advanced drop stitch technology designed to ensure long-lasting durability and strength, promoting its 100% waterproof rating.

All of our spas, including our smaller 4 person spas and the large 8 person spa range, come with standard accessories which include a spa cover and a floor protector. The spa lid is designed to help insulate the water, keeping its temperature when you’re not using it. When you pop out for a quick bite to eat or a top up of your favourite beverage, you can use the spa heat to retain the water’s warmth until you’re ready to get back in. This intelligent design ensures that you can keep your energy costs at a minimum while still enjoying everything that your portable spa bath offers you. 

Will a 6 person spa use a lot of electricity?

When you buy online from Havana Spas, you can view the full technical specifications of your chosen product before you buy. This includes the indicative energy rate of your new dual heating outdoor spa. The Aegean 6 person spa, for example, is rated at 2040W. The interior material of this particular model comes with an intuitive and intelligent foam system within the spa’s walls. This also helps to insulate the interior and help it to retain the ideal water temperature control for longer.

All of our spas and hot tubs are equipped with DHS technology. This is to ensure that our spas offer customers the most relaxing experience possible delivered using the Dual Heating System. The water that you’re soaking in is also filtered and double heated by the in-built pump using Positive Temperature Coefficient (PTC) and Hydroelectric Separation Structure (HES) before being pumped back into the spa. This ensures not only rapid heating and retaining a stable temperature, but it also keeps your spa water clean and hygienic.

Our complete range of spas are available to order online right now. Not only do we offer our customers the most affordable prices across our entire range, we also offer you the flexibility of using Australia’s favourite buy now and pay later option, Afterpay. All of our inflatable spas come with a standard 12 month warranty and every purchase that you make online is backed by our 30 day money back guarantee. If you do happen to have chosen the wrong size or you have simply changed your mind, that’s completely fine. Simply return your item in its original packaging so it can be resold and we will refund you the purchase price of your item minus shipping costs and a 20% restocking fee.

If you’ve ever wondered why so many people around the world love a hot tub then it’s time that you stopped wondering and started discovering instead. Buy your 6 person spa online right now and finally see for yourself what the hype is all about. When it comes time to move home or you want to take your new spa experience on holiday with you, then no worries. All of our portable spas are designed for a quick and easy setup, inflation and to start using immediately. Order online today from Havana Spas, Australia’s most trusted spa brand.