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8 person spa

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8 Person Spa (Coming soon)

Nothing sounds more inviting than enjoying a long and luxurious soak against powerful water jets in an 8 person spa and if you want more reasons to invite your friends and family over to enjoy an outdoor hot tub then it’s time you bought yourself an affordable, premium design from Havana Spas, Australia’s most trusted spa brand.

The outdoor jacuzzi is a mainstay in luxury homes for a range of reasons. For starters, your own private spa bath is the perfect way to unwind at any time of the year. When the summer months are at their hottest, you can cool the water temperature right down and enjoy the sensation of a unique massage experience only high powered jets can really offer you. An 8 person spa means that you have a spa size large enough to extend your relaxation out to friends and family. Make it an outdoor spa party and a proper event or a regular Sunday afternoon soak with your closest mates and cherished family. Whatever way you prefer it, an 8 person spa is the best way to share the love and relaxing vibes during high summer.

When the winter woollies are starting to make their appearance then it’s time to heat up the large spa. Our range of inflatable spas are designed to be highly portable spas which means that you can enjoy the flexibility of an 8 seater spa without having to worry about it permanently taking up space, or having to say goodbye to it when you move out. The average cost of a spa bath installation starts at about $6,000. This might seem like a reasonable sum but if you were to sell your home and relocate within just a few years of making that investment, you’re not going to be able to take your new hot tub with you. A portable 8 person spa offers all of the same enjoyment of a permanent installation but at a fraction of the cost and it’s versatile enough to go with you when you move house. In fact, our range of inflatable hot tubs are so flexible that you can even take them on holiday with you. What could be more perfect that setting up your new small or large spa right next to the caravan, the cabin or the tent? Enjoy the perfect natural vistas while you soak away your worries and our 8 person spa remains large enough to ensure the whole family enjoys themselves too.

For anyone seeking a more intimate portable spa bath experience, our available range includes both 4 person spas and 6 person spas. These smaller spas are ideal for creating a soft and romantic atmosphere or for taking advantage of smaller spaces at home. If you have an apartment balcony, for example, you could set up your small spa on it. Or you can set up your own spa in a small courtyard. 

Standard spa accessories that come with our range of spa sizes include both a spa cover and a floor protector. The spa lid is the perfect way to help retain water temperature when you’re not soaking your troubles away or enjoy a relaxing water jet massage. Slip the cover on to keep the temperature in and enjoy the reduction in your energy costs. The protective floor cover is designed to ensure that the 100% waterproof design doesn’t cause any harm at all to the surface you choose to set up your new hot tub on. It also means that when winter really starts to bite, you can move your portable spa indoors and enjoy all of those beautiful warming water experience within your lovely, warm home. 

How much water does an 8 person spa hold?

The average 8 person spa will hold approximately 2000 to 2500 litres of water. 8 person spa dimensions will usually be very accommodating, allowing 8 adults enough space to seat comfortably within it. For this reason, you’re most likely to find this size spa design as square spa baths, rather than the more well-known round spas. If you have the space for your own 8 person spa then choosing the portable option is the affordable and versatile way to invite a luxurious spa life into your home. 

How to install an 8 person spa?

All of our inflatable spas and portable hot tubs are easy to install and setup. The instructions for setting up your new spa will be included and simply follow them to the letter for a fast and painless installation. Larger spa sizes usually setup more easily and quickly with some help so rope in your friends to help you set it up when the time comes. 

How to drain an 8 person spa?

Instructions for draining and relocating your portable 8 person spa will also be included. Our range of portable spas are sourced only from the world’s best designers and manufacturers which includes intuitive designs which allow for easy draining and removal when you need to.

Our complete range of options is available to order online, right now. If, for whatever reason, you change your mind once you have bought any of our items online, that’s OK. Our refund policy offers you a 30 day money back guarantee so if you do change your mind then simply send us back your item and we will refund you the purchase price minus shipping and a 20% restocking fee.

Discover for yourself why Australia is perfect for the spa life and choose an 8 person spa online today. Afterpay is available!