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Portable Spa

A portable spa is a hot tub just like any other with the added benefit of being able to be moved quickly and easily, whenever you want to. If you’re considering investing in a permanent spa bath for your home or your holiday property, then consider what you’re really investing in before you give the go ahead. For example, if it costs you about $6,000 in outdoor spa costs to install a permanent spa bath at home and you end up selling your property within the next 3 years then that spa has really cost you $2,000 every year that you had it. When you move, you can’t take the spa with you. Or, you can but not without incurring huge expense and inconvenience. A portable spa will cost you a fraction of the price of installing a spa bath and you have the added benefit of being able to take it with you if and when you sell your house.

In fact, a portable spa bath can go virtually anywhere at all which means that when you head out on holiday to any of your favourite locations around Australia, you can take your portable spa with you. Set yourself up in the bush and enjoy the sights and sounds of the natural world while you’re reclining in your little slice of relaxation. Let multiple jets gently massage your stress and tension away, freeing muscles and inviting improved circulation throughout your body. Enjoy a glass of something while you stare up into a canopy of stars or out into rolling green hills, across vast vistas of coastline, up into the verdant canopy of a rainforest… Wherever you are, you’re having the time of your life because you’re relaxing in your own portable spa. 

How to keep portable spa clean? 

Technological advancement and superior design leaps have seen portable spas Australia enter a new age of durability, energy efficiency and premium design looks. Choose from a 4 person spa, ideal for creating intimate atmospheres shared amongst a special few, through to 6 person spa sizes and even larger, 8 person spa sizes which are perfect for inviting friends and family over to enjoy your new outdoor inflatable spa or portable spa. 

Our range of portable spa baths and inflatable hot tubs are sourced from world leading designers and manufacturers to ensure that we maintain our reputation for being the most trusted spa brand throughout Australia. All of our available outdoor inflatable spas and portable spas are designed and built with a high-strength filtration system utilising the power of 3 separate filters and antibacterial options to ensure that your spa water remains clean and hygienic. The way it works is simple but powerful. Water is pumped out of your spa and sent through the 3-way filtering system then rapidly warmed using superior energy-saving technology, then it’s pumped back in again. With a range of multiple jets to choose from, you can simply lay back into the firm and comfortable lining of your portable inflatable spa and enjoy the unique massage experience of warm water kneading tired and sore muscles.

How to find air leaks in portable spa?

The construction of all of our portable spas and inflatable spa range is guaranteed to offer you long-lasting durability even with regular use. Keep the winter temperatures firmly at bay with your portable spa and rapid heating working to increase the internal water temperature to a very inviting 40 degrees Celsius and then enjoy the Dual Heating System (DHS) that double heats your water using a Positive Temperature Coefficient (PTC) and Hydroelectric Separation Structure (HES). Use your digital control panel to easily monitor and adjust the water temperature to suit. For summer afternoons, for example, you might enjoy fresh and bracing temperatures which invite long soaks with your favourite beverage. Whether by yourself or surrounded by the people who love you, a portable spa offers you unmatched relaxation and enjoyment. 

If you do suspect that your blow up spa pool may have a leak, simply fill up your spa as you normally would and make a note of the water height. Leave your spa for a couple of hours and check to see if that water level has dropped. Our range of portable outdoor spas are built using the latest in durability technology like the drop stitch feature. The exterior of your portable spa is supported using this stitching to ensure that even with regular use, you will still get years of durable enjoyment from your new spa. Our portable spa designs also include a foam interior lined system which not only supports the structural integrity of the design but also offers additional insulation, keeping the water temperature stable and your energy costs lower.

Outdoor spa accessories which come as standard with our range of premium cheap portable spas include a spa cover. A spa lid is perfect for helping to retain warm temperatures when you have hopped out to get yourself another beverage or whip your dinner up on the barbeque. Remove the lid when you’re ready to hop back in and enjoy the temperature all over again. Other standard accessories include a floor protector. These are perfect for ensuring that whatever surface you choose to install your portable blow up spa on will remain completely protected as the premium stitching design ensures that your spa bath remains 100% waterproof. It also means that when the winter months start to really roll in, you have the flexibility of shifting your portable spa indoors. With a range of spa sizes to choose from, you can easily purchase an indoor/outdoor option online today.

How to move a portable spa? 

Your portable spa has been specifically designed for easy setup which means that it really is portable, no matter how rigid the fully erect structure looks to the unsuspecting eye. When you want to move your portable spa to a new location then simply empty it, following the user friendly guide included in with your portable spa. Once it has been thoroughly drained, simply dissemble your portable spa and carry it to your new location.

Havana Spas is Australia’s trusted spa brand and we offer our customers a quick and easy way to order online today. Now has never been a better time to purchase your own portable spa with advanced technology and designs merging to form some of the most durable and hard working models. Enjoy the flexibility of using Afterpay, Australia’s favourite buy now and pay later service that splits the cost of your new portable spa into 4 equal fortnightly payments.

If, for whatever reason, you decide to change your mind and you no longer want your portable spa, we understand. Our money back policy means that if you should change your mind then you have 30 days to send us back your unwanted product. Our refund policy returns your original purchase price back to you minus the cost of shipping and a 20% restocking fee. All returned items must be in resaleable condition to qualify.

What do you have to lose? Purchase your own portable spa today and finally discover what everybody’s talking about.