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Inflatable spas FAQ

Can the spa pool be set up on a concrete platform?

Yes. It’s important to make sure that the platform is smooth, level, stable and free of any sharp objects. Moreover, the pool liner should not be dragged across the solid ground, because abrasions may cause holes.

How much air should be inflated to the spa?

The spa pool should be inflated to 85% rigidity only. Over- inflation may result in the bursting or leaking in the welding seam when the spa is exposed to the sun or a thermal source. 

If water leaks from the pump's connection of inlet and outlet, what can I do?

Please check whether hose clamps are tightened or seal ring and O-ring are damaged. Replace the seals ring or O-ring if necessary.

Why is the temperature of the water not reaching the max heating temperature?

The spa cover should be placed onto the spa when the heater function is activated. The spa cover can prevent heat loss effectively.

How can I heat the spa water more quickly?

We strongly recommend that the inflatable cover should be placed onto the spa (or the top lid is well- zippered) when the heater function is activated. The spa cover can prevent the heat loss effectively. Another way is to pour normal atmospheric temperature water, then pour hot water into the spa. Make sure the temperature of the water is below 45℃ (113℉).

Can I pour water with a temperature higher than 45℃ (113℉) into the spa?

No, the max. heating temperature is 45℃ (113℉), hotter water may cause the over-heating switch tripped. The water above 45℃ (113℉) will cause pump to stop working,too hot water will also cause the damage of spa pool.

Can the spa pool be setup outside in cold winter?

No. Do not use the spa pool in temperature lower than 5℃ (41℉) because the inner tube is made by vinyl, which will crack under such freezing weather. In cold winter,the heating rate of the pump will be very slow.

How to deal with the cloudy water in the spa?

Once you find any cloudy in the water, stop using the spa at once and change water.  Change water once a month or depending on use. Clean or change filter cartridge, and use appropriate spa chemicals can keep the water clean.

What kind of chemical should I use to maintenance the water in SPA ?

Do not use Chlorine sanitizer; it may cause damage of the heating system. Bromine sanitizer is the optimistic choice. Please contact your local chemical supplier to check the proper usage of any chemical.

How often should the filter cartridge be cleaned or replaced?

The filter cartridge should be cleaned on weekly basis. Replace the filter cartridge every 1 or 2 weeks, if it is used 3 times one week or more. Replace the filter cartridge every 2 or 4 weeks,if it is used once or twice one week.

How often should the water be changed?

If you follow correct water treatment method, you can reduce the frequency of changing water. We strongly recommend you keep the spa covered when it is not in use. Make sure the water is in proper chemical balance, and keep the filter system operating for hours each day. Clean and replace the filter cartridge on time.

Is havana spa filter cartridge interchangeable with other brand?

No. because of the different sizes. The wrong size may cause the abnormality. Please purchase the specified model of filter cartridges according to your manual.

Why is the filter function activated when I press the heating button?

It is normal. The heater function always works together with filter function. You may use the filter function only by pressing the filter button.

Why is the home electrical circuit turned-off, when both heating and massage system are activated?

The maximum current rate of our spa will reach 12.5A when heating and massage system are activated. Double-check if the current rate of your power outlet is appropriate to the pump, or request a qualified electrician to verify it.

Why does the pump not work? (All indicator lights are off on pump Led display screen)

Double-check if the pump is connected with power properly, and then check if the RCD/PRCD is tripped by resetting it. If the problem is still unsolved, check if the home fixed wiring is too thin to tolerant maximum power of spa pump.

Why does the spa stop working within a few minutes?

Do not worry. Our spa has automatic stop function under below circumstances: 1/ It would stop after 30 minutes of bubble function. Wait for 10 minutes, and press the bubble button. It will restart again. 2/ When the water temperature reaches the setting, the heater function will automatically stop. It will restart heating system once the water temperature is 2℃ lower the setting. Why does the pump not heat the water ? Why does the water filtration system not work? Please see Details for E6. What is wrong when the LED display screen indicate “E1” ~ “E6”?

How deep does the inflatable spa go?

The Victory, aegean and Milan inflatable spa are all 70cm deep.

How hot does the inflatable spa heat up to?

Our spas heart up to 40degrees Celsius.

How many litres can the spas hold?

Each of the inflatable spas we sell is:

Victory Spa: 940L
Aegean Spa: 1200L
Milan Spa: 800L

How easily do the inflatable spas rip or puncture?

Unlike other inflatable spa brands, our spas use a multi-layering system that offers a premium look and feel, whilst maintaining structural rigidity. The outer layer comprises of an Anti-UV coating that will keep your spa looking brand new for years to come. The inner layer uses advanced drop stitch technology that work to ensure long-lasting durability and strength. Ultimately, the spa’s are extremely durable.

How much is shipping?

We’re proud to offer shipping Australia wide.

Do the inflatable spas come with accessories?

The inflatable spas come with everything you need to get started however items like external seating, steps and lids are not included.

Do the spas have jets?